Arlene Malinowski - ABC Channel 7 Chicago Interview

“What Does the Sun Sound Like”

The next thing I know it’s 31/2 days later and I know that I’ve come, at last to the right place. It was like I had taken a long drink of water when I didn’t even know I was thirsty. I am neither hearing nor Deaf. I am both hearing and Deaf. I am big and loud, and talk with my hands and my face and my body. I like every light on in the house and the volume way up. Sometimes I am too direct and explain everything A through Z I need to look at you to listen to you and I need you to make eye contact with me. I stand too close, touch too much, stare too long and hug too often. I am CODA. I am bilingual and bicultural and I can bridge the two worlds without losing anything in the translation. Isn’t it is a remarkable thing to find your tribe and the place that you fit. But there was still one more thing I had to do.

Arlene Malinowski