Getting Started

Advice on Getting Started:

1. Start writing down small, individual stories. Write on a schedule if you can this develops your writing muscle.

2. Keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas/stories as they occur-as you're driving, watching TV, chatting, or listening to a song. These points of departure can help you formulate/remember ideas. But you gotta write them down!

3. Start telling your stories to friends- unrehearsed at the martini bar, around the dinner table and over your cell phone.

4. Keep writing! Keep writing even if it's bad writing.

5. If you are writing a solo show get to theaters and see solo shows. Get John Leguzamo, Spalding Grey or Lilly Tomlins' solo shows on tape/DVD. Many solo shows are out in script form.

6. If you are writing in mixed genres- read-read-read. Read authors you love. Read authors you hate. The same with genres. Start a book club to develop an appreciation of different styles and voices.

7. Find spoken-word venues poetry slams, storytelling events. Ask the people in charge how you can submit to read.

8. Tell people that you are writing. It keeps you accountable and gives you something to talk about at parties

9. Organize a writing group to support you.

10. Keep writing, even if the dog ate your homework. Just keep writing.

11. Create a contract with yourself complete with long & short term goals.

12. Send out E-Vites to read your work aloud. Invite other writers to participate. Invite people who have gentle ears. Set up a more formal reading for your work in progress-even if it's in your parlor.

13. Trust in yourself and your creativity and keep writing.

Finally, I encourage you to be in the creative process as you go thru your day; while you wash the dishes or sort laundry or day dream. I encourage you to honor your gifts by writing on a consistent basis. I encourage you to write through your fear, your confusion, your uncertainty and your busy schedule. And to always, always listen for the story.

Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski