A Little Bit Not Normal

A coat left on the train tracks, the Sims, xanax, the nectar of the gods, and the secrets we keep about crazy. A serious comedy about depression.

She hands me 2 prescriptions, Remeron and klonopin. I take my first 2 pills, they're melon colored and shaped like kites and I feel like a teenaged girl waiting for her boyfriend to change his Facebook status to "In A relationship" because I want these meds to work and work now. But I can feel Depression whispering to me,

"Hey Baby Girl- You're already in a relationship. I got you a present- it's despair, try it on. Oh, it makes you look so skinny. wink-wink".

On the way out of the office, I keep my eyes to the floor like the guilty one on Law and Order. I think, Don't you even dare presume. I am not one of you whack jobs.

Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski