Here is what our students are saying...

"You provided a safe place and a structure for us to develop our stories. You took me step by step from a rough idea in my head to a fully realized solo show on a stage with lights and an audience. Because of your support and guidance (and sense of humor) I got everything I needed and more."

Carlease Burke
Credits: Heros, Southland, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Bones, Dexter, In Her Shoes, Solo plays: Go to your Womb, 50 Don’t Look this Good on Everybody.


“In her classes, Arlene creates an environment that is both supportive and challenging. She has that rare ability to prod writers into telling the story that wants to get out, without pushing her agenda in terms of content or tone. Kind, compassionate, and relentless, Arlene asks the questions and offers the comments that bring out the best in me as a writer”

MT Cozzola,, Director/Writer The Sandman


“If you want to write a solo show, Arlene is the teacher you're looking for. She has a special gift for mentoring writers and performers of all skill levels. She’ll be your biggest fan! She knows how quality stories are constructed, the mechanics of writing and rewriting, and she knows the ins and outs of developing a solo show. Her sensitivity, experience, and understanding of the performance world make her a treasure for any aspiring writer.”

Lawrence Kerns, M.D. - Solo show CABINALYSIS, or - Build Your Own Damn Cabin.


“Arlene is dynamic and wise. She has the uncanny ability to hone in on specific problem-areas within a manuscript. Not only will she provide positive, encouraging feedback, but she will also suggest clear, actionable ways to re-direct focus and evoke a better story. She is a generous supporter of artists/writers in every stage of their development.

Lisa Holmes is a Chicago writer & playwright. Her fiction has been published in literary journals and her essays have appeared on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio and was awarded a Richard H. Driehaus Foundation grant. She is working on her second YA novel.


"As a first time writer I was coming into a writing class with NO self-esteem in my writing abilities, Arlene helped me to believe in my own abilities and talent. At the end of the class I had written a solo piece that was voted "Best Performance" at an LA showcase!!!!"

Missy Doty: Credits: True Blood,Law & Order: Criminal Intent, "My Name is Earl, Las Vegas, Soloshow: Fluffy


"I've driven six hours through a blizzard so I wouldn't miss a writing session with Arlene. Why? She listens for the story. She asks the most provocative and productive questions. She creates a disciplined community of artists in her studio. And, oh yeah, since meeting her I have had two of my solo shows produced."

Melissa McBaine, Ph.D- Writer, actor
GOING BACK NAKED New Ground Theatre. May 2009
YARD SALE New Ground Theatre. June 2008.
ALTAR CALL Playcrafters Barn Theatre May 2006.


Arlene is wonderful. In class, she enables you to set aside the outside world by protecting you in a sphere of calmness, positive energy and support, helpful prompts, personal feedback, and just the right amount of structure. Wherever you are in your writing or creative career, Arlene will help you move ahead, unblock those pesky blocks and open your creative channels.

Aaron Graham- Actor, singer


I came upon Arlene Malinowski by accident…and have remained a loyal fan, on purpose! Arlene’s coaching offers the sort of warm environment and full bodied support that breeds successful writing, in a myriad of writing mediums. She has a keen sense of helping me find my voice at times when I thought I had nothing to say. Every week, I build up such a thirst for our next class/meetings!

Jessica Jane Childs - Musican, Jessica Jane & the Irreplaceables


You changed my life..cleared out the cob webs and whatever else was blocking my way everyone was so touched, informed, inspired, motivated and made fearless by your workshop! You are wonderful and the friends I have made...we are all writing each other now

Lynne Jordan- Singer, Lynne Jordan and the Shivers & Blogger